About MHC

What is the Mental Health Channel?

We’re a channel like you’d see on cable, but on the web. It’s where all TV is headed, so this is our primary platform. You’ll find MHC content here, on BigThink.com, Upworthy.com, YouTube and Facebook. But also on TV channels like PBS, and on university campuses across the country.

Why MHC?

Because everyone can benefit from better mental health.

What’s Our Mission?

To create the world’s best mental health and wellness programming, free to view, free to share and commercial free, for anyone with an internet connection. MHC has already been seen in 140 countries.

Why Documentaries?

Because personal stories have great power -- to enlighten, inspire, entertain and educate. Pretty much every family has a mental health story. It’s time to start sharing them.

Who Funds Us?

Foundations, corporations and individuals who believe in a positive conversation on mental health. MHC is a nonprofit Type 1 Supporting Organization of the Greater Houston Community Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit corporation.

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