Trinity Films serves as the Executive Producer of MHC.
Executive Producers: Harry Lynch and Jeff Fraley

Arcos, a nonpartisan film company focused on social issues, is the Production Company of Record. Arcos creates documentary film content, websites to deliver it, and distribution, partnership and community building plans to engage millions of viewers..

Managing Director: Harry Lynch
Creative Director: Scott Rice
Senior Producer: Julie Almendral
Story Producers: Janice Woods, Rachel Ecklund
Production Coordinators: Audrey Long, Will McCarthy
Editors: Yusef Svacina, Ian Prikryl
Junior Editor: Jackie Kuenstler
Assistant Editor: Simone Khan
Apprentice Editor, Social Media: Katrina De Vera
Marketing Coordinator: Maryosha Eggleston
Research Associate: Jimmy Hackett
Art Direction and Design: Daniel Perlaky

With frequent collaboration from:

Color: Dan Stuyck
Sound Editing, Mixing: Pony Sound, Greg Armstrong, Todd Thompson
Web Development: Brian Jones

For many episodes, MHC works with some of the best documentary filmmakers across the country. If you’re an experienced pro and would like to be considered, please send links to your work to

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